"Funny" episodes from our retail store-COMING SOON

Our base in Camden Town can be puhritty lively!

If something happens in store or someone behaves in a fashion deemed rather peculiar, or raises an issue we think fit for debate, you can read about it here in our infectiously light hearted blog. ( No offence intended to anyone this may include but if you ARE mentioned then maybe think twice about your behaviour!) 

In addition to that, any new additions to the site or in store will be added and if you'd like to comment then please, we'd appreciate your honesty!

23/3/19: French schoolgirl comes in to the shop. " allo seir,we do project for the school to ixchinge zis for sumzing in your store" she then tries to hand me an onion. ER,NO. If I want to exchange my goods for something other than money I would rather it were something with some longevity like a tin of hot dog sausages that I am not immediately committed to eat and can enjoy HOT OR COLD!

24/03/19( 5 months AFTER our premises relocation)

MAN WITH SUSPICIOUS POWDER AROUND NOSTRIL: "You got some great stuff in here man. There used to be a place around the corner and the stuff was just SOOO whack!

Me: "Was it opposite a pizza place?"

Man: "yeah"

Me: "That was my old shop"

Short silence and a quick topic change followed but criticism for the last premises offerings and the compliment for the current range in our SMALLER location greatly received!

                                              MORE SOON( kind of hoping not though)