It's with a particularly heavy heart that I have decided to sell my little business.

The pressures of having a young family have meant that I've recently not been able to pay it as much attention as it deserves and I can't envisage this changing anytime soon.

For anyone interested, this business is ready to go. You will immediately start making sales and with the right work ethic, there is scope to build this to be one of, if not THE best, in the country.

Building a website, creating product pages, the legal pages, the SEO( search engine optimisation) and everything else takes time.It can be 2/3 or more years of very long, boring days of creating products and optimization before an online business becomes established, makes regular sales and more importantly, one that that people feel safe and secure buying from. I've done the hard work. You hit the ground running and the sky really is the limit.

I will only sell to someone who I think has the ability to make a huge success of it. I will be on hand for a few months after the sale to guide you through and be there should you need a hand with the tech stuff such as product/image uploads, feeds, customisation etc.

There will also be a list of contacts for you to expand on and the ideas for the growth strategy,tips and hints I had for The Back Alley Army Store before I made my decision to sell.

There is also some stock to go with so if you have a large garage or unit , that'd help.

I will only sell to someone in the East Anglia region. the reason being that I want to offer as much support as possible to them in the first few month of their new venture and be able to meet up and offer guidance if necessary.

If you've got the time to turn this in to a full time business, I'd love that. With the amount of work I've been able to put in to it recently, it's become more of a fantastic side hustle and I think it would be best to consider this as such to begin with. Bare in mind you have the capacity and guidance to turn this into VERY, VERY profitable business and I would like nothing more than for the right person to be hugely successful in it.

We can meet, talk on the phone, although email is prefered initially until I can guage genuine interest from the dreamers. If I decide I'd like to pass it on, we meet, discuss, take care of some stuff and Transfer of Ownership can begin.

Please consider if it's right for you as it's a demanding task but wholly rewarding and a perfect opportunity to inject your own creativity and make a stamp in an industry with your hobby or passion.

The asking price is a mere £7500 but I'm open to offers.

An absolute once in a lifetime opportunity.


Title your email WEBSITE SALE to

A little about yourself, (into airsoft, outdoors, military?), location(no full address just nearest major town). Age and if you currently work(no need to know your role) and finally if you have any tech experience.


Best wishes