We've all got one. Why? Because we all NEED on at some point. Pockets just aren't up to the job half the time( sorry pockets!) We all need a little extra capacity at some point whether it be legging it around woodland at an airsoft match with it full of spare mags,pyros etc or just as an everyday piece for lugging your laptop to work or using as a gym bag to burn off the stresses of the day. You're covered for pretty much all eventualities here with every pack capable of fulfilling a wide variety of tasks. What you're guaranteed are brilliantly well made backpacks that not only function and perform the way they're supposed to, but look the part and have a price tag that doesn't leave you thinking" hmm I shouldn't have done that". The majority of these military style backpacks are also molle compatible which means you can attach extra pouches to them if you need just that little bit more capacity. What you get with these tactical/military style backpacks is durability, functionality and versatility from a business that actually cares about your satisfaction.