About us

Who's behind The Back Alley Army Store? Just one bloke called Steve, his missus who helps out and a young son( who doesn't help out.....yet!!!) We( when i say "we" i actually mean "I")operate out of a retail unit based in Camden Town, London and have a very loyal following of regulars who enjoy the banter and service as much as the products themselves. There is no huge warehouse out in the sticks,it's all run from here, and in cutting out that overhead, it means we can offer you the best possible prices and a very personal level of customer service. You won't be passed from department to department with the buck getting passed if something goes wrong. If you pick up the phone or send an e-mail it will me, that bloke called Steve who responds. Because of our background in retail we are better able to understand that there is a real person behind the screen, a person who works hard for their money, and we believe it only fair that you buy quality goods at fair prices, and are never knowingly mis-sold or mis-led about anything. If you buy something and want some advice 6 months, a year after, that's fine. We prefer to engage and build relationships with our customers so never feel awkward about just picking up the phone.