Assault Vests and Webbing

What you've got before you is our current range of assault vests, chest rigs, molle platforms..whatever you wanna call them. Whatever you DO call them, you can be assured they are up to the task. Designs like the Special Ops plate carrier(with build in mag pouches) are relatively new compared to designs like the more classic Viking molle platform but whatever has caught your eye is only the BASE of your loadout. Envisage the bigger picture! These assault vests and chest rigs are molle compatible (where stated in the product description) which means you add a huge range of molle pouches, gun holsters,gun magazines, first aid and utility pouches to it and really make it your own. Try to IMAGINE these tactical vests with these pouches attached and maybe mimic your actions as though you're reaching for a mag to get a real feel for placements( not on the bus though!) . Velcro ID panels mean you can change your tactical patch to suit  your mood and they are fully adjustable to fit most people. What you get BEHIND the image though are tough, fit for purpose tactical vests and plate carriers at very competitive prices( and free U.K delivery). Are there better, featherweight, lower profile vests on the market? Honestly...yes, but the functionality is exactly the same and the price to quality ratio here is absolutely unrivalled. Need advice? We're red hot at response so why not contact us?. Now go on...have fun creating your very own personalised loadout.