We've all got one. Why? Because we all NEED one at some point. Pockets just aren't up to the job half the time( sorry pockets!). We all need a little extra capacity at some point. Whether you need one as an airsoft/paintball tactical bag, a school bag, for lugging your laptop to work everyday, a gym bag, or just to carry all the things you know you don't really need to carry, we got you covered...right here. Our current range/ growing range of military/tactical style backpacks have all been manufactured to a standard that well exceeds the price tag, because here at The Back Alley Army Store we refuse to sell rubbish. Not happening. You work too hard for your money to spend it on crap....point made!! The vast majority of the army backpacks and rucksacks featured are also "molle" compatible which means you can add extra pouches to the exterior  if you need more room/ compartments.  Anything up to 40 litre is also a great size for taking as hand luggage on flights. With sizes from 3 litre (waist bags/tactical bum bags) 7 litre shoulder bags (great as camera bags) right up to 120 litre, and all the sizes in between ,you're guaranteed to find what whatever you need to suit your mission......and your pocket!