Ahhhh pouches! Versatile, multi-functional, durable pouches. Let's work this out together shall we. Why do you need one, how will you attach it and to WHAT will you attach it? The reason you need one depends on what for,right? Depending on the dimensions pretty much all of these pouches can be used as utility pouches. By that we mean for carry nothing in particular, loose change,keys,mobile,passport. Or there are more specialised airsoft pouches for carrying an M4 mag,or a pistol mag or 2 of each and if 2 then why not 3? Medical kits are always a must too. If you prefer to use a military style pouch just as part of your everyday get up then they will all fit quite securely to any belt. If your need is something a little more...tactical, then they are all molle compatible which means they will fit even more securely onto any molle compatible plate carrier, chest rig or molle platform. These have been designed primarily as airsoft pouches but are utilised across so many fields such as fishing,cycling,hunting and loads more. They're also made using 600D tac-poly which means they're tough as f......fudge that's really hard.